Centre for Children's Affairs Malawi

The future of every successful nation lays in the hands of the children.


 The formation of initiative for Centre for Children’s Affairs Malawi, (hereinafter referred to as “CEAF Malawi”) was an inevitable response to a need that the children of Malawi identified.


Development is defined as the process whereby physical transformation on people and the environment is recognised. Arcoding to the process of decentralisation where powers are to decide what to have as development in the community is vested in the people themselves, but how many people are aware that every development is for people by the people and how children are involved in the process.


We have seen with evidence that development is really taking its pace, peoples lives have transformed and several things have changed to better, but how many people can stand and say this or that development have been done with a contribution from the children and youths from planning, implementation and monitoring.

Several development initiatives are brought to the community without consultations from the beneficiaries of the development especially the youths and children.


We are the people of Malawi. We seek control of our development and well being. The social progress and justice that was promised by our founding fathers, is still not happening, and the children have become victims of abuse and not pure future leaders. CEAF Malawi shall therefore represent all children in Malawi to create a future leadership that understands human rights, social justice, democracy and compassion for the people.


We believe the future leadership should be nurtured in the know of all principles of democracy, human rights, economic development, political tolerance and justice. This shall be achieved through a forum that all children can be involved in, that accords them access to information, interactive participation in innovation and the will to engage in community development work and planning. This should be introduced to people when they are still young.



CEAF Malawi aims at the pursuit of the following in Malawi: Empower Children, and reduce their vulnerability, exploitation and abuse in rural areas; Engaging proper child friendly HIV/AIDS services, reduction of crime and prostitution amongst youth; combat environmental threats; reduce conflict & train youth to promote social equality, democracy & human rights with a view to have a future Malawian leadership with a conscience.


CEAF Malawi therefore creates and maintains a cohesive Malawian Community and, enhancing a child friendly Malawi.



  • To contribute towards improved equity and access to basic education by implementing the Policy and investment frame work (PIF).
  • To protect the rights of children through improved policy legislation, leadership, efficient coordination at all levels by facilitating equal and meaningful child participation for both boys and girls.
  • To raise awareness through advocacy for a supportive environment of children and other families affected by HIV/AIDS through sustainable Economic and Agricultural development.
  • Promote sustainable youth development programs
  • To promote the rule of law by enhancing the good governance.                                                         



CEAF has three key programs that are administered at both community and secretariat level.

·         Human Rights

·         Environmental Management

·         Youth Development


Implementation Strategies

As an organization that is centered on results, we would like to see a long term impact through:

Awareness Raising: within the chikwawa community and across the country and among young Malawians about children’s rights as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international conventions and Malawi legislation promoting the rights and welfare of children.

Information, Education and Advisory services: to raise the profile of Malawian child within the country and else where, increase awareness of their needs, improve policies and practices, and develop the leadership potential of young Malawians. Activities include research and publishing reports; media work; Conferences, seminars, workshops, and training programs for parents, policy makers, service providers, community leaders, and young people; community meetings; advice and consultancy services.

Advocacy and Policy Development: working closely with policy makers, especially within the framework of the Government, to shape the development of policy and regulatory action to promote the welfare of children.

Community and International Development: in partnership with others, establishing programs and projects to help relieve some of the suffering and hardship that African children experience.

Service Provision: supporting Malawian parents and working with families in crisis at the point of breakdown and disintegration.



Malawian Child needs a clear, and peaceful direction. They are torn by the violence around them driven by their parents or guardians. These are the innocent people who have no one to offer them an alternative to the abuse , exploitation and violence, forced prostitution, forced on them by the lacking of human heart by their guardians or parents.


CEAF Malawi shall be there for them.



Most Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) in Malawi are structured in fragmented sectors that do not create cohesion of the child. Most of them are professional organisations that do not reach the grassroots focusing on producing reports of injustices, but not tackling them. The ones that do so are only there to help in crisis situations, education,without empowering the child. CEAF Malawi will target children in rural areas as well as semi-urban; and it is hoped that a good working relationship with other NGOs will be created. For that reason ,CEAF shall identify keen areas of need and engage with relevant NGOs.



We have set up goals that are achievable in our lifetime. CEAF shall stand to have CHILDREN be able to put in words and actions what they want to see in their villages and even in their future. The organisation is an active and interactive catalyst for the empowerment of children. Furthermore, we actively seek the fruition of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals . We shall be able to measure any individual village of our target commitment mainly because we will exist in the grassroots of all Malawian Villages.











          Protecting the next generation through this generation-is the spring board of our existence!!