Centre for Children's Affairs Malawi

The future of every successful nation lays in the hands of the children.




Born in the family of 9 children and being the last born.Comes from Bereu Village,T/A Maseya,Chikwawa District.


To maintain and achieve a Youthfull leading executive position for which in-depth background, knowledge and experience of several years will have a valuable implementation by serving the lives of the vulnerable children and youths in the communities of Malawi and beyond.

Academic Background

  • Achieved an Advanced Diploma in Business Management and Administration  from the Breaside College of business studies in 2003 an affiliate of Zimbabwe University.
  • Achieved a Diploma in Youth Development in 2006 .
  • Certificate of Human Rights in 2007
  • Currently studying for Political Science Degree

Professional Excellence Summary

  • Trained as Child Rights Activist by NGO Coalition on Child Rights
  • Mainly heavily skilled in the Human Rights field majoring Child and Youth rights Advocacy.
  • Having an establishing background in HIV/AIDS, Gender, and Human rights Training of Trainers.
  • Trained as a trainer in the following fields:Human rights,Child protection,HIV/AIDS,Life skills/ Democracy and good governance,Leadership developmen,Psychosocial support/counseling, Community based monitoring,Government budget monitoring and tracking,Economic Development and Youth participation
  • Confirmed record of increasing and applying explanations to multifaceted intricate of democracy and good governance.



"My Mother taught me how to be the best woman on earth,she told me only a word will keep you a good woman"LOVE-

Born in the family of Mr and Mrs Banda,raised to contribute to the development of Malawi,born 23rd May,1988 from Mchinji District,Kanyama Village,T/A Zulu


Where an African woman was not created different from all men,before God we are all equal,i feel bad when i see a woman being tortured,abused,amputated hands by the same person God created,why should the african woman be the play ground of men's exercises?I will maintain and uphold my courage to speak and fight for the rights of women and Children in Africa.

Academic Background

  • Achieved a Diploma in Human Resource Management from Share world University
  • Currently studying Human Rights Law

Professional Excellence Summary

  • Trained as Child Rights Trainer
  • Trained as a woman Rights Defender



"When I was 14, realized that life can never be compared with anything,when others are getting everything they may cry for and find it present at their table,the case was different with me' managed to support my self,paying fees for my school my self and doing small business when am back from school,life was terrible"

Grace born January 7, 1990,from Nkhotakota and Dowa Respectively, completed all the stages of Malawi school.


When you cant define the word poverty then you are very far from serving the rural person who has one meal in a day and gets less than 1 dollar per day.Think of an adult with children but is unable to feed the house,how does the man feels,now talk of the child who could just get everything done in the morning,mid day and evening,now lost all the parents.I will never forget how and what i passed through....it has been my ambition to serve the child who is there in the village sleeping with begging.

Academic Background

  • Completed grade 10 and 12 in Lusaka, at Christian vocation Training Center,
  • Achieved an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology

Professional Excellence Summary

  • Trained as the Computer Programer in Lusaka-Zambia
  • Trained in SPSS as trainer for Data capturing and Analyzing organizations 



"Who so ever asks me where am coming from:my back ground has been very terrible and hard to understand,but because of courage and faith upon God,am who iam today..but i cant quickly forget the time i spent in herding cattle,selling milk and the same time going to school-this is just a drop of what i went through,eating once in two days was not a problem to me but the every day life"

Born in 1988 and raised in Kampomo Villag,born in the family of the Village headman Mafale.


Because of what i went through in my life i have no reason to forget the child who has nobody to support,i cant forget how hard it  was to do three things  during my age of a child,i will with my whole heart fight for the rights of the rights of the child.

Academic Background

    Currently studying a Diploma of Rural and community development

Professional Excellence Summary

  • Expert in community based monitoring
  • Trained as a trainer in the following fields:Human rights,Child protection,HIV/AIDS,Life skills




"This quot makes me a happy woman: "He who thinks is too small to make a difference has never been to with a mosquito"

"I was born not to be controlled but to control others this is what my father advised me when he was dropping me at the college campus" 

Born in the family of Mr and Mrs Mkumbadzala from Mkhate Village T/A Makhuwira,Chikwawa.


If all the children of Malawi joins together and form a party it can be a strong party that even parents will not like it.But how can the issues that affect children be presented to parents? One girl in Ngabu lost her private parts,the other girl in east back chikwawa was defiled by her father,three girls were defiled in a role i feel bad as a woman,i was born to fight for the children of malawi.

Academic Background

    Diploma of Accounting








Administrative Assistant